Hunter Keefe

Knik, Alaska


Mushing – more than racing dogs.



Moving forward one notch higher




Happy Mushing

The music never stopped. Hunter sang and danced all the way to Nome, enjoying every bit of the journey, with his dogs smiling from ear to ear.

He’s super thankful for the opportunity to mush in Alaska. He recognizes all the help and support he’s gotten along the way and is grateful.

Hunter keeps doing his thing his way, loving life and staying happy. That’s how he gets ONE NOTCH HIGHER with every race.



Meet Hunter



Dog mushing isn’t the first plan or the best plan… it’s the ONLY plan. Originally from Michigan, Hunter took the leap of faith and moved to Alaska to make his dog mushing dreams come true.




Meet The Team

The dogs from Redington Mush Alaska – these are the greatest group of dogs to make a journey with, especially the Iditarod…

Senior, Whip, Taz, Tickle, Alex, Bob, John, Paul, George, Ringo, Slim, Earhart, Joker, and Queball. They dealt with all of Hunter’s rookie mistakes, put up with his endless singing, and smiled the whole way to Nome.

Couldn’t have dreamed up a better team to be behind. These dogs are beyond incredible! 










One of the mushers that most impressed me during this Iditarod was Hunter Keefe. Not only did he receive the Donlin Gold Sportsmanship Award, which was incredibly well-earned, but his delightful, bright, and wonderful attitude truly left an impression on me.

Jenn Campbell-Smith




Thank you for the joy and love you brought to the race this year. Well-earned Sportsmanship Award – couldn’t have gone to a better man. Thanks for singing and dancing on the runners.

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